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Network Management

Managing and Making the large network to across the world using our courier ERP with few steps. The courier industry requires a balance between operational efficiency, excellent customer service, staff training, and regulatory compliance. By focusing on these aspects, courier ERP can create a strong branch network that delivers reliable and satisfactory services to customers.

Feature offered
  • Country/State/City Wise network Management
  • Zone Wise network management
  • Center wise price management
  • Center wise Configuration Management
  • Center wise tax management

Price Management

Price Management system involves different setting competitive prices for the services offered, ensuring profitability, and providing value to the customers. Flexibility and responsiveness to market demands are key to successful pricing management in the our courier industry.

Feature offered
  • HO TO HUB wise Price Management
  • HO To Branch WIse Price Management
  • HO To Branch wise for Special price Management
  • HO To Zone level price setup Management
  • Branch wise Cash booking Management
  • Branch wise Account party Management
  • Branch wise Account party special price management

Booking Management

Courier booking management system involves creating a platform that efficiently handles the booking, tracking, and delivery processes for courier services. we are allowed take booking with variation like length, Width, Height,Volume, Weight.

Feature offered
  • Cash Booking Management
  • Account Booking Bill Generation
  • Account Booking Management
  • Local Center Setup
  • Account Booking Multiple Management
  • Quataton Management
  • Cash Booking Maultiple Management
  • Cash/Bank Book Management
  • Account booking Transfer

Branch Management

Managing courier branches efficiently is crucial for ensuring smooth operations, timely deliveries, and excellent customer service. Establish effective communication channels between the central office and branches. Utilize email, phone, and internal messaging systems.

Feature offered
  • Area Management
  • Load IN/OUT Management
  • Delivery Boy Management
  • DRS print Generation
  • Bill book setup Management
  • DRS Scan upload Management
  • Manifax IN/Out Management
  • Mis-Route Management
  • Non-Manifax IN/Out Management
  • Document Return Entry(Branch)
  • Manifax Bypass Management

Barcode Management

By implementing system as a Courier ERP can effectively manage barcode-related issues, ensuring accurate tracking, efficient operations, and a seamless experience for both staff and customers. Regular monitoring, training, and proactive measures are key to maintaining a reliable barcode system.

Feature offered
  • HO To Branch Barcode issue Management
  • Branch wise Party barcode issue Management
  • HO to Party wise barcode issue Management

Accounting & Finance

Implementing a Courier ERP system in the accounting department of a courier service can streamline financial operations, enhance accuracy, and provide valuable insights for strategic decision-making. Regular monitoring, updates, and staff training are essential to maximizing the benefits of the system.

Feature offered
  • Bank & Cash book Management
  • GST Management
  • Party wise ledger Management
  • Branch wise ledger Management
  • Cheq Received Management


Administering can involves managing various aspects of the software to ensure smooth operations, data accuracy, security, and user satisfaction.

Feature offered
  • Role & Rights
  • User Managment
  • Tax Management
  • Track All user activity management
  • Price Locking Management
  • Notification Management
  • Print Setup Management


These reports are vital for decision-making, improving operational efficiency, ensuring customer satisfaction, and meeting regulatory requirements in a courier ERP system. The ability to generate accurate and timely reports is a key feature that can significantly enhance the functionality and usefulness of the ERP software for courier service.

Feature offered
  • Network summary
  • Booking summary
  • Tracking Courier
  • Rate setup summary
  • Manifax In/Out summary
  • Bank & Cash book summary
  • Document return summary
  • Mis-Route Summary
  • Tax summary
  • DRS summary

Key Fetures Of Courier ERP

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  • Booking the Parcel order and meeting your expectation.

  • Manage Courier Information: Courier Type, Order Reference, Origin/Received, No. of Parcels/Pieces.

  • We can add Parcel Dimension Information: Length, Width, Height, Volume, Weight.

  • Manage Routing Information: Routing, Distance, Price, Estimated Delivery Date, Product Packaging, Service Type, Terms.

  • Predefined Routing Paths and Track Routes on Google map via a single click.

  • Track courier via your E-mail, sending an E-mail every time when your Courier Status changed.

  • Visible check box for Invoice paid Status after Confirmed Invoice.

  • History generated for all Courier moves with different stages.

  • Generate Courier receipt and shipping detail reports.

  • Manage Courier insurance, claim, and return process easily.

  • If you do not deliver the Courier to some specific location at that time We can Courier hand over to the third parties vendor.

  • Admin can see & manage all categories of Courier like Pending Courier, Dispatched Courier, Delivered Courier & all Courier.

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